I don’t want you to miss out!

I’m writing this blog post super fast.

I just wanted to let you know that a newsletter is going out tonight to all g&d subscribers. I’ve been talking about it on Facebook and Twitter.

The newsletter has TWO bits of super cool news.


you only get the newsletter if you’re a subscriber.

Subscribing is not the same as following the blog.

This is a techy thing that lots of lovely peeps trip on. I wish I could get the Wizard of Oz, aka the Man Who Runs the Internet, to fix such glitches.

But I can’t.

So please, if you’d like to receive this evening’s newsletter, make sure you’re a subscriber. That way you’ll be on my mailing list and the pigeon will find you.

Here’s the link, honey.

See you later this evening.

Jen xo

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