Girl and Duck e-book launcheroony (almost)!

Hush, duckie.

Do you hear?

We are now in the quiet zone. That weird space between Christmas and New Year when time goes all weird and stretchy and sort of Einsteiny.

When Melbourne is like a ghost town because everyone has loaded up their SUVs and their frayed tempers and racked off—air conditioners blaring.


Silence. Sweltering silence. Except for isolated pockets of mad-eyed, post Yuletide frenzy—the city shops, Ikea ( they eat their young in there — just to get to the last Smorgenborgen Bjirk), and the random cafes that are still soldiering on.

Even the trams look hot and lost. See the destination panel on this one? My point exactly.

I strolled past our local cafe this morning. It was bursting at the seams. At 8.30am! Bursting, I tell you. Not a spare seat, inside or out. There was a labrador sitting on the footpath, eyeing off the barista. He looked at me (the labrador, that is) as if to say, What is wrong with these people?  Why aren’t they on holidays like everyone else? And, why did my master put this ludicrous red bandana around my neck?

Himself is home for the holidays and he’s assisting me as I add the final flourishes to my e-book. IT WILL BE OUT TOMORROW!

Can you believe it? I was determined to launch it this year and I have stuck to my guns.

Nice one, Jen.

Even though all I want to do is lie on the bed eating rum balls, painting watercolour bunnies and reading A Monster Calls. Even though all I want to do is binge on The Crown (holy mother of all things royal, have you seen that series yet? )


Even though I’m desperate to lose myself in all manner of frivolous guffo, I’m remaining true to my 2016 goals and I will be opening the girl and duck shop tomorrow.

If you are a subscriber, you’ll get a newsletter in the morning with all the deets. Yippee!

It will be like getting the Dixons catalogue. That was my favourite catalogue when I was a kid. Dixons was the local newsagents in the town where I grew up. Aside from selling The Truth, The Sun, the local paper, People magazine, Dolly magazine and the Women’s Weekly, they also sold sporting goods, road maps and toys.

Toys, toys, toys! Their Christmas catalogue was pure gold.

Of course, I flicked straight past the pogo sticks, badminton sets and plastic footballs.

I went directly for the dolls. Pages and pages and PAGES of dolls: Barbie, Skipper, Ken. Bride dolls, baby dolls, walking dolls. I was delirious with the possibilities.

Simple days, ah yes, when a catalogue could send one’s spirits soaring.

My e-book will be like that.

Like the Dixons catalogue.

Only different.

Tomorrow, my love, tomorrow.

Jen xo

PS If you’re not a subscriber and subscribing is not your shtick, don’t fret. I’ll be waving the book around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You won’t miss out, petal!

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  1. Hi Jen, Love your blogging style — quirky and energetic… Wishing you all the best for the launch.. cheers, Karen Tyrrell Author

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