Ten Twisted Tips: Weird stuff that helps me write

1. Garamond is my lucky font. Good things happen when I write in Garamond.

2. I don’t read anything in my own genres. Especially anything that’s doing well. It intimidates me.

3. I drink my tea from different cups at different times of the day. My first cup is in a china mug that’s the perfect size and weight. My 10am— vintage china. My afternoon tea — also  vintage china. But a different pattern. Go wild.


4. I have a Writing Cardi. I wear it every day.  It’s hideous. Lots of pilling. The colour makes me look like a ghoul. But it’s cozy. I also think it might be magical… It’s like an Aikido belt. I never wash it in case it loses power.

5. I never answer voice mail messages. I pretend they’re not there. Their very existence riles me. I hate the way they hang around, trying to clutter my psychic space. ‘Call me, call me, call me.’ NO!

6. I always answer text messages. They’re cool. Brief and to the point. Text messages don’t take me out of the zone.

7. The End. It’s childish. I use it anyway. It gives me a huge sense of achievement.

8. My keyboard is stained with cheap lipstick and coffee. How does the lipstick get from my face to the keyboard? It’s a mystery.

9. My computer is so old she needs a zimmer frame.

10. My computer’s name is Miss Mary Mac. Like me, she has no retirement plan.

11. The last three aren’t tips. Neither is this. That’s just how I roll… 😉

The End

13 Replies to “Ten Twisted Tips: Weird stuff that helps me write”

  1. Love your tips! Some are wise, some sound rather absurd, all of them funny – all of them do work very well and do the magic! So stick to them, please.
    Kind wishes,
    eva, the girl from the other side of the big duck pond.

  2. Excellent tips. For me: 5am, dressing gown, check email/social until kettle boils, write till kids get up. If lucky enough to have writing time during day, wear dressing gown over clothes — always — because it might be magical too. And, boy, do I hear you about voice mail messages!

  3. Number 2 surprised me because I love reading in my own genres. I find it inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent and find great joy in stories I wish I’d written. Sometimes I find it makes me a little sad because my own writing which got off to a prolific start has been so slow since my son’s illness began over 5 years ago. But then I remember all the stories are still inside me and their time will come – and meantime I can luxuriate in the stories of others.

    1. Lovely, Sandy! I know you’ll give us loads more gorgeous books in the coming years. As you said, their time will come. Gosh, I didn’t have my first book published until i was 42. Writing and publishing is ‘a long game’, yeah? Sandy, I almost didn’t include twisted ‘tip’ 2. But, hey, I want to be as open and honest as I can. So, yeah, I’m a wuss. Or my inner artist is. Whatever. LOL!
      Love to see your name pop up here, Sandy. Thank you! J xo

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