14 Replies to “video: Handmade books. How to make a gorgeous eight-pager.”

  1. Oh, Jen, I so would love to have joined your class to be blessed with one of these gorgeous books. Clever you. I so envy visual creativity and wish I’d been blessed with a fragment of this gift. x Chris

    1. Chris, I’m sure you have it! Honestly. It’s like writing (which i know you’ve figured out). You just have to hop in and play around. Thank you so much for watching the video and commenting. Big hugs! Jxx

  2. brilliant brilliant brilliant! I love your videos! Your book is beyond charming and your top 10 tips, fantastic! Just wonderful Jen!! I really enjoyed the delight that comes across when you speak of your art making and supplies. And thank you for the thank you, you gave me chills and smiles! xoxo Lynn

  3. Wonderful booklet and even more wonderful that you’ve made this video. I’m dipping into storytelling – and will probably dip into the world of picture books later this year. So, thanks for sharing and I will be following you. 🙂

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