Here at the duck pond we love making little videos to inspire you, nurture your imagination and encourage you to play. 

Girl and Duck: Quackerviews

Where I get to chat to authors and illustrators live in the studio and you get to share in the conversation!

Wherein I interview internationally celebrated picture book creator, Gus Gordon. Huzzah!

Wherein I interview enormously talented (and wickedly funny) illustrator/author/designer, Lucinda Gifford. Check out her blog too, The Big Bad Book.

Girl and Duck: Eight page book

Presenting our first ‘publication’. Ha ha!
Earlier this year, I made an eight page book as a gift for my creative writing students. Check out this video to see how I made Writing Books For Children: Ten Top Tips. It was a collage and washi tape production line! 😉

Girl and Duck: Art Supplies for Beginners
I came to art in my 50s. Art supplies were overwhelming, there was too much choice! Here I talk about the basics that make up my learner’s stash.

Girl and Duck: Q and Q Fridays

Where you ask questions about creative writing and the publishing industry and I quack back!

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