Paula Stevenson I joined Scribbles because I had lost my inner child; I was too focused on rules. So in Scribbles, no rules! No red pen! And you can start a sentence with And. And you can run outside and climb a tree and then come back and keep going!
You can do it at your own pace and go back and do it all again if you want. You find the joy again in playing with words and making magic happen on the page.

Paula Stevenson


Edwina W I joined Scribbles to reconnect with writing purely for pleasure, since my ‘inner critic’, as Jen Storer would say, was becoming too bolshy and the creative process felt contrived and punitive. The most immediate benefit was taking Jen’s advice to make my creative space one that I wanted to return to and to give myself permission to make a mess. From that mess came three new picture books which have all been acquired and more importantly, I found the writing process to be joyful and meaningful. I would recommend the Scribbles course to all creatives, across fields, at any stage of their journey, since being invited into Jen’s home to share in her experience and feel her warmth as a person have been a balm to the soul and a great comfort. You are guaranteed a few big belly laughs out of it, too. Thank you, Jen!

Edwina Wyatt



Penelop Pratley A dear friend joined me to the ‘Duck Pond’ specifically because she knew Jen would be launching ‘Scribbles’. My friend thought it would be a good opportunity for me to hone my writing skills. I just had to be brave enough to actually sign up.My biggest take away so far would be a growing confidence to back myself, be patient with the process, and to revel in the ‘mess’ (although that’s a bigger challenge than ever I thought). Oh, and to acknowledge that I don’t have to let my inner critic define why and how I write (again – WAY more challenging than I thought).

Jen’s approach to teaching this course is creative, personal and professional. This course is more about changing the way you think regarding the process of writing than giving you a hard and fast set of rules that dictate how and why you should be writing.

Penelope Pratley



Lynn Whipple I adore all things Jen Storer! Oh my goodness! The fun, the depth of information, the inspiration, tips, delightful banter, wonderful community and so much more. You are a valuable resource Jen. Thank you for your good humour and for your unending support of writers and creatives. We are better because of YOU!

Lynn Whipple
Artist, author, teacher


CIndy Chong

Not so long ago, I stumbled on Jen Storer’s treasure trove of YouTube vids, and spent weeks trawling through them, reveling in the wisdom she was imparting for free. I wanted to level up. So I signed up to her Scribbles course. I was prepared to knuckle down for some serious work. What I wasn’t prepared for was the unlearning, letting go of self-criticism, re-connecting with my inner child, and OMG having FUN! The support and connections I made through the Facebook group was also a pleasant little surprise.

Jen is warm, bright, and generous; and it seems the people she attracts are too. I’m not (yet) a literary success, but I’m no longer writing with shackles, and it’s no longer a lonely struggle. That’s massive really.

Cindy WM Chong



Sarah Epstein I joined Scribbles because I found myself stuck, overthinking everything and getting overwhelmed at the prospect of the blank page. I wanted to switch off my inner critic and play more, explore my ideas without self-sabotage causing me to lose steam. As soon as I started the course and let myself think in a more fun and silly way, story inspiration came pouring in. I really didn’t expect that! It’s like Jen and Scribbles gave me permission to loosen up and tap into all those ideas I’d put into storage in the back of my brain.

Sarah Epstein



Susanna Suchak I’ve loved the girl & duck Friday videos and when the book, See Me Jump came out, I realized that whatever Jen Storer could teach me about writing I wanted me some of that. Scribbles delivered! I still refer back to the lessons and prompts. I really love being part of the supportive, skilful, funny community on Facebook. This is just to say that the reason why I joined, was magically given to me in spades. One of the best gifts I’ve given to myself.
What was the biggest take away?
Now it’s hard to pick just one, but I would have to say the sensible, straight from the shoulder lessons delivered with humour and lots of empathy. Jen is so “real”, it feels like our whole “tribe” is a community, a very real community — a family of folks of equal worth and value. Jen’s personality carries that off so well. Why I would recommend it?
Well, duh, this is a no-brainer. If you wonder and ponder whether or not you have it in you to write a children’s book (or illustrate it by the way, we have illustrators in our midst and author/illustrators too) give it a go. You won’t regret spending the penny — ever. Promise. And we’ll all be right behind you cheering you on…just like Jen taught us.Susanna Suchak



Robyn O'Sullivan As a writer of non-fiction books for primary children’s literacy programs, my writing world revolved around facts, cross-curricula content and specific vocabulary requirements. Then Scribbles came into my life. All at once, my writing reflected silliness, mess, merriment and novelty. My imagination thawed out and I was inspired to write a book for adults. Now, I feel expressive and artistic and visionary. And underpinning my brave new world is the wit and wisdom of Jen Storer. Everything you need to get started, or re-inspired, you’ll find in Scribbles, and in the pages of her often hilarious but always practical book, See Me Jump.

Robyn O’Sullivan



Marty Yokawonis I joined SCRIBBLES because I was charmed by Jen Storer. She is vivacious, passionate,  lovely and fun.

The biggest secret in the Scribbles modules is that it’s not about learning rules or methods. Jen challenges you to dig into creative deep waters and play hard at it while you dig. Plus it’s fun. Did I mention that already?

I feel like being in Scribbles is like being mentored. Because the feeling is so one-on-one. Just you and Jen.

M. Yokawonis



Pat Simmons I was feeling a bit ‘flat’ about my writing and needed some inspiration. The Scribbles course sounded so appealing. No deadlines, no pressure and it involved ‘making a mess.’ Just the ticket!

I’m taking a lot away from this course. Not only have I learned how to improve my writing and have fun at the same time, but I’ve even felt brave enough to dabble with drawing. The Scribbles learning materials are great, especially Jen’s videos.

I’d recommend this course to all creative souls who love writing and/or illustrating. Whether you’re an emerging author like me or an established author/illustrator there’s something for everyone and best of all, it’s fun.

Pat Simmons




Mandy Langlois I joined Scribbles on the recommendation of an online friend and despite having only been on board for approximately two weeks I am so glad I took the leap and committed to this self paced course. Jen’s educational videos are personal, engaging and empowering. Not only has my short engagement with the course begun to open me up to new and free creative writing approaches, but I have become part of a vibrant online community of fellow writing adventurers who share writing and illustrating exploits, celebrate one another’s wins and share useful writing tips.

Mandy Langlois


Madeleine Duclos I joined Scribbles for much needed professional development after my first attempt at submitting to publishers.  After following Jen on her girl & duck blog and Q & Qs, it occurred to me that Jen is incredibly hard working and super passionate about children’s book writing.  What a fabulous role model for a wannabe like myself!  Even better is her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge and passion with the world. So I joined Scribbles and whilst am only half way though I am loving it.  If your children’s book writing needs inspiration and or polishing then I would certainly recommend Scribbles.

Madeleine Duclos


Liz Ledden I joined Scribbles as I felt stuck in a not-so-creative rut. Plus, I’m addicted to the girl & duck vids so I knew I’d love it! It’s providing just the boost I need, with its emphasis on getting messy with words, and seeing where they lead. I enjoy the way the course is structured so it never really has to end. You can re-watch the videos, and do the writing exercises any time. If I had to pick a favourite part (so far), it would be the in-depth analysis of one of Jen’s picture books – super insightful. I’d recommend Scribbles to anyone wanting a mega-dose of kids’ writing inspiration.

Liz Ledden



Kitty Barry I signed up for Scribbles after losing focus and my passion for writing. I felt overwhelmed when I sat down to write and I knew I had to do something.

Then I found Scribbles and the lights turned back on. Scribbles is packed with fun exercises, insightful videos and is delivered in a wonderful, ‘let’s have a cuppa and talk it through,’ sort of way.

I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of creative inspiration and guidance!

Kitty Barry



Holly Bidwell Do you want to punch your inner critic in the face?

Does your imagination need a reboot?

Do you want encouragement from a supportive and slightly unhinged, online community?

Do you want to have FUN?

Then Scribbles is for you.

Since joining Scribbles, I’ve discovered my neighbour’s German Shepherd likes to wear a twinset and pearls. I’ve had a phone conversation with an obnoxious mouse, and popped bubble gum in my sister’s hair. I’ve also found the courage to re-write my manuscript!

Sign up to Scribbles and let Jen lead you into a world of mess where you will participate in a secret initiation ceremony by candlelight and unleash the creative beast (or German Shepherd) within.

Holly Bidwell 



Darlene Campbell I joined Scribbles because I have thirteen picture books (some with illustrations), two middle-grade novels and two young adult novels that I have been dragging along for years hoping I’d completely finish and market them.
The biggest take away was when Jen said being published isn’t success, finishing the book is success.I would recommend this course because there are writing courses and then there are unique, beautiful writing courses, and Scribbles is right up front in the second category. (I mean who wouldn’t want to take a course titled Scribbles ?) Jen Storer makes every detail of this course a rich sensory experience, an inside out kind of experience, in order to dig deep for ideas and stories — and to know that at some point we simply have to sit down and write the books, every day, for the rest of our lives. The Facebook group is powerful and Jen is there rallying with us!Darlene CampbellUSA


Carmel Hill

Ever felt like an amazing children’s story, the perfect words, are in there somewhere but just out of reach? I did, but then I found Scribbles. If any course can unblock your creative pipes, Scribbles is the one. Jen’s helping me get messy, get inventive, to love ducks and to be a little bit crazier than usual. Not only that, Scribbles can be completed at my own pace, whenever and wherever I want! 

Awesome, huh?

Carmel Hill



Allison Langton As an illustrator, writing terrified me. Then I found Jen and her online writing course, Scribbles. Jen has created a cheerful, encouraging space that motivates me to play with language in the same creative, joy-filled way that I play with paint. What was I afraid of?! And Jen’s the perfect mentor – wise, encouraging, honest. But best of all, she somehow makes me sit down, each day and ‘do the verk’!

Allison Langton



Margo Gibbs I joined Scribbles because I was looking for something new, fresh and exciting that would rekindle my passion for writing. I’d read some of Jens books, joined her FaceBook page The Duck Pond and watched a number of her Friday Q&Q videos. So I knew that Jen would deliver something different to other courses I have done.

Since joining Scribbles, I feel that I have become a part of a real community of writers and illustrators under the guidance and mentorship of the wonderful Jen Storer. The course content is well thought out and constructed yet retains a delightful sense of fun and is never dull or boring. I can see myself returning to the course exercises over and over again when I need to replenish my inner child.

I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to recharge their creative batteries and reconnect with their imagination, intuition, and sense of wonder.

Margo Gibbs


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