Edwina W.

I joined Scribbles to reconnect with writing purely for pleasure, since my ‘inner critic’, as Jen Storer would say, was becoming too bolshy and the creative process felt contrived and punitive. The most immediate benefit was taking Jen’s advice to make my creative space one that I wanted to return to and to give myself permission to make a mess. From that mess came three new picture books which have all been acquired and more importantly, I found the writing process to be joyful and meaningful. I would recommend the Scribbles course to all creatives, across fields, at any stage of their journey, since being invited into Jen’s home to share in her experience and feel her warmth as a person have been a balm to the soul and a great comfort. You are guaranteed a few big belly laughs out of it, too. Thank you, Jen!

Edwina Wyatt