When It’s All Too Much

Did you know, dear reader, that statistically most podcasts crash and burn before twenty episodes? They do, they do! That’s why, when your show hits FIFTY you have cause to… eat an ice cream.

Buy a pretty crystal.

Do something to mark the occasion.

I’m all for marking occasions.

Life is an occasion, rise to it. (Someone clever once said that).

As you might know, I’m doing very little full-on writing these days (except for playing with picture books which I cannot resist). These days, I’m more tangled up in running girl&duck, drawing pretty pictures (aka developing my art practice),  studying (informal at this stage) and, um, gardening. So when it came to creating the 50th ep of our podcast I wasn’t sure what to talk about.

There was bit of hand-wringing.

A lot of staring into space.

I shouldn’t have worried. All I had to do was get out of my own way and let the universe provide. And it did. By way of a beautiful email. It was all the inspiration I needed.

When It’s All Too Much

What happens when you feel fed up with striving? When the dream of becoming a published author/illustrator has taken its toll on you and your family?

If you’re questioning your choices, wondering if the hard work, confusion and sacrifice is all worth it (and let’s face it we all go through this), episode 50 might be just the balm you need.

This is not a rah-rah, you’ve got this, just-do-it, Nike kinda commercial. It’s deeper than that.

This ep is all about looking at the bigger picture, perhaps finding spiritual sustenance, to help you stay balanced (mostly!), centred and self-compassionate.

I hope you find it helpful.

Here’s the link to the podcast.

Who’s coming up in the Duck Pond, Jen?

Glad you asked!

Look at this line-up of gorgeous humans. All here to guide, inspire and help you and your creativity sparkle.

(L to R) Davina Bell (author, editor), Jack Heath (author), Tash Besliev (publisher), Katrina Nannestad (author), Emma Quay (illustrator).

These are just some of the brilliant presenters we have lined up for you in the coming months.

If you want to get organised and lock in some delicious experiences, jump into the Duck Pond, today. We would LOVE to welcome you in!

Don’t forget, enrolments close November 30. 

A reminder that Katrina Nannestad’s Duck Pond masterclass, ‘Growing a Story From an Itty-Bitty Seed’, is this coming Monday, Nov 20 at 12.30 in Zoom.

I caught up with Katrina IRL earlier this week, and we are so excited about this class.

If you want to learn from the best, write exceptional fiction, or simply go deeper with your current project, this is the class for you!

Can’t make it live? Recording available to our members for 6-weeks post-class.

If you’d like to join us, hit this link and hop into the Duck Pond. Your life will change in an instant!

Please note: This is our final intake for 2023, doors close November 30.

Jen xo

PS: To end your year with a splash and take the Duck Pond leap, go here! 😉

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