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Winter is Coming…




Writing stories!

Winter is my favourite time of the year to snuggle in and get creative.

This Creative Winter (It’s coming. Nearly there! Brrr!)

Better to show you pictures, right?

I know you love pictures because, hello, you LOVE children’s literature and that’s why you’re here.

With me.

Readin’ this…

Not only Writing Books for Children


It’s another vest!

I love knitting vests because NO SLEEVES.

Quicker results.

And, I LIVE in vests in the winter. I love them. They’re snug but they leave your arms free so you can get on with stuff and you’re not getting around feeling like the Michelin Man.

I’ll send you a pic when it’s finished. Maybe even a pic of me modellingthe vest…

And, here’s what I’m drawing and painting and collaging. 

It’s a picture book. You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?

I’ve been playing with this for years and I don’t even care.

Because creating is fun, right?

I love dipping in and out of this storyworld. Every time I create, tweak or chuck out another spread I learn something new.

Doing the verk.

Doing the play.

Same thing. Yes indeedy.

All the books I’ve written (well, except for the ones that were commissioned) have come about because of play.

Here’s What I’m Writing (aka Writing Children’s Stories)

Another rabbit story!

A different rabbit than the one on the clothesline.

This rabbit, in this story excerpt, runs a toy shop.

In New York…

See how the language is all Blytonesque?

I am passionate about playing with voice in kidlit.

When you play with voice you find stories and characters you didn’t expect. Voice frees the imagination in unexpected ways, and that is my promise to you. (Grab a copy of See Me Jump if you want me to take you deeper into voice).

I was playing with a Blytonesuqe voice when I wrote The Accidental Princess. I just kept writing like that for the entire book, sitting there in my imaginary twinset and pearls. Then I went back later and tweaked the voice so it was still a nod to Blyton but it was a little more modern.

I’ll do that with this NY rabbit story too.

One day.

No rush.

No hurry.

In the meantime, stay cozy, inspired and jolly-well dapper, dear reader.

Knit yourself somethin’ pretty.

Draw a picture.

Write a poem or letter to a friend with some pretty stuff glued on. (Not on the friend, on the letter.)

Whatever you do,  stay YOU and stay creative, okay? It’s the lifeblood of… life.

Until next time

Jen xo

PS Warning, Will Robinson!

The Duck Pond opens again soon!

I’ll write and remind you, okay? Of course I will. It’s my job. I’m a Chief Inspirationalist and I take my job seriously. 😉

See you again soon!

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