Ten Twisted Tips: Weird stuff that helps me write

1. Garamond is my lucky font. Good things happen when I write in Garamond.

2. I don’t read anything in my own genres. Especially anything that’s doing well. It intimidates me.

3. I drink my tea from different cups at different times of the day. My first cup is in a china mug that’s the perfect size and weight. My 10am— vintage china. My afternoon tea — also  vintage china. But a different pattern. Go wild.


4. I have a Writing Cardi. I wear it every day.  It’s hideous. Lots of pilling. The colour makes me look like a ghoul. But it’s cozy. I also think it might be magical… It’s like an Aikido belt. I never wash it in case it loses power.

5. I never answer voice mail messages. I pretend they’re not there. Their very existence riles me. I hate the way they hang around, trying to clutter my psychic space. ‘Call me, call me, call me.’ NO!

6. I always answer text messages. They’re cool. Brief and to the point. Text messages don’t take me out of the zone.

7. The End. It’s childish. I use it anyway. It gives me a huge sense of achievement.

8. My keyboard is stained with cheap lipstick and coffee. How does the lipstick get from my face to the keyboard? It’s a mystery.

9. My computer is so old she needs a zimmer frame.

10. My computer’s name is Miss Mary Mac. Like me, she has no retirement plan.

11. The last three aren’t tips. Neither is this. That’s just how I roll… 😉

The End